School Safety


Information on how parents and guardians can help in the fight to stop bullying in our community.  CLICK HERE

Bullying is any mean, physical, verbal or electronic act that hurts a person’s body, feelings, or possessions over a period of time.  Any bullying that occurs outside of school but carries over into school and causes a disruption will be dealt with as a school issue.

Negative actions can be, but are not limited to:

  • Mean or hurtful words: threats, put downs, racial slurs, name calling, sarcasm, teasing, taunting or ridiculing, inappropriate text-messaging, e-mailing, phone calls, posting to websites, or other electronic means of communication.
  • Mean or hurtful looks: demeaning facial expressions or staring.
  • Mean or hurtful signs: nasty gestures, threatening with a fist or weapon, touching oneself or someone else in a sexual manner, embarrassing others.
  • Mean or hurtful physical acts: slapping, pinching, hitting, punching, shoving, pulling, poking, kicking, tripping.
  • Mean or hurtful non-physical acts: ignoring or violating a person’s wishes or rights, silent threats, ostracizing, isolating others, manipulating friendships, spreading rumors.

The bullying or harassment of students are against federal, state and local policy, and will not be tolerated by the Nampa Public Schools.  For more information regarding this policy, please see the online student handbook.