Summer Math Challenge

Dear Parents of future 6th, 7th, 8th Lone Star Students,

Summer is coming soon but the learning doesn’t have to stop.  Every year, students lose one to two months of math knowledge over the summer.  By encouraging your child to meet the, “Twenty minutes a day,” goal, he or she can maintain the level worked so hard to achieve this school year.  Students who practice math over the summer do better on tests and are less likely to struggle in the upcoming year.

Lone Star students who meet the, “Twenty minutes a day,” goal (1 hr 40 min/week) will be entered into weekly drawings to win prizes like food coupons or toys over the summer.  Math workbooks or internet math programs like Khan Academy are great options for practicing math.  You can even get started now by adding the Lone Star Summer Math Challenge Coach with code: xxxx.  If Khan Academy isn’t available at home, workbooks may be requested and picked up at the end of the year.  

Summer learning can be doable, important, and FUN!  Start making plans for summer practice today!


Math Faculty at LSMS