Quarter 1

Week 10 (October 23-27)

Monday, October 23
Type compare/contrast paragraph in Google Docs

Tuesday, October 24
Type compare/contrast paragraph in Google Docs

Wednesday, October 25
Type compare/contrast paragraph in Google Docs

Thursday, October 26
Type compare/contrast paragraph in Google Docs
Checklist for turning in

Friday, October 27
No School for students

Week 9 (October 16-20)

Monday, October 16
8-Sentence Paragraph graphic organizer - copy in notebook
Transitions - look at list and copy your favorite
Analyze examples of compare and contrast essays

Tuesday, October 17
Analyze a full informational essay and compare it to the 8-sentence paragraphs

Wednesday, October 18
Plan your own 8-sentence paragraph (fill out graphic organizer)

Thursday, October 19
Textual Evidence

Friday, October 20
Begin writing compare/contrast essay in Google Docs

Week 8 (October 9-13)

Monday, October 9
Warm-up - Examples of an opener, closer, and interrupter
Correct student sentences
Journal writing (in your notebook): Write about the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  Did you know, for example, that the whole island of Puerto Rico lost electricity, and it will be out for months?  What are they doing to survive?  Are they discouraged?  Were they prepared for a natural disaster?  What would it be like to experience such a disaster?

Tuesday, October 10
Correct student sentences
Read, highlight, and annotate sources 2-4 - pages 45-49 in Performance Assessment Workbook

Wednesday, October 11
Correct student sentences
Complete the comparison chart on page 52

Thursday, October 12
Correct student sentences
Make a Venn Diagram and comparison list for hurricanes and tornadoes

Friday, October 13
Make and complete an 8-sentence paragraph organizer

Week 7 (October 2-6)

Monday, October 2
Review compound and complex sentences
Openers, closers, interrupters notes

Tuesday, October 3
Openers, closers, interrupters fill in the blank practice

Wednesday, October 4
Openers, closers, interrupters fill in the blank practice

​Thursday, October 5
​No School

​Friday, October 6
​No School

Week 6 (September 25-29)

Monday, September 25
Write vocabulary in notebook
Review FANBOYS and simple/compound sentences
Compound sentences #2 - notes

Tuesday, September 26
Warm-up in notebook - Compound 1 and 2 powerpoint

Wednesday, September 27
"When I was little..." sentence activity on chrome books

Thursday, September 28
Shmoop video
Complex sentence practice on chrome books

Friday, September 29
Review AAAWWUBBIS song
AAAWWUBBIS practice on chrome books

Week 5 (September 18-22)

Monday, September 18
Go over rubric for narrative writing (group work)
Self edit your narrative
Peer edit your narrative

Tuesday, September 19
Begin typing your narrative

​Wednesday, September 20
Continue typing your narrative

Thursday, September 21
Finish typing your narrative; "share" online with Miss Johanson by the end of class

Friday, September 22
Simple / compound sentences - take notes in your composition notebook

Week 4 (September 11-15)

Monday, September 11
Farmer and the Troll - copy in your notebook and add punctuation
Dialogue quiz (open note)

Tuesday, September 12
Narrative quiz

Wednesday, September 13
Narrative Rubric
Re-write the beginning (exposition) of your "fear" narrative
Identify your hook, setting, and characters

Thursday, September 14
Narrative Rubric
Re-write the middle of your "fear" narrative
Identify your rising action, climax, and falling action

Friday, September 15
Narrative Rubric
Re-write the end (resolution) of your "fear" narrative
Identify what type of resolution you used

Week 3 (September 4-8)

Monday, September 4
No School

Tuesday, September 5
Today's topic - Narrative Beginning
Narrative Powerpoint - read slides 2-7, 29 
Cornell notes - copy these in your class notebook 

Wednesday, September 6
Today's topic - Narrative Middle
Narrative Powerpoint - read slides 30-32
Cornell notes - copy these in your class notebook 

Thursday, September 7
Today's topic - Narrative End
Narrative Powerpoint - read slide 33
Cornell notes - copy these in your class notebook
Plot Chant 
Plot Rap

Friday, September 8
Today's topic - Review narrative writing, begin dialogue 
Read The Surprise and identify elements of a narrative
Dialogue Powerpoint - read all slides
Box notes - copy these in your class notebook

Week 2 (August 28-September 1)

Monday, August 28
Today's topic - Set up notebooks
Number all pages of your composition notebook - front and back
First page - draw a stick figure of yourself, and then list 10 things you can't live without (see example)

Tuesday, August 29
Today's topic - MLA format, begin narrative
On the back of the first page of your composition notebook (this page should be numbered "2"), practice MLA format (see example)
Read Scope Magazine article - See Miss Johanson for article

Wednesday, August 30
Today's topic - Fear narrative
Prompt: Write a story about someone who is afraid and learns to overcome his or her fear.
(in class notebook)

Thursday, August 31
Today's topic - Fear narrative
Finish story from yesterday.

Friday, September 1
Today's topic - Sentence workshop
Class activity