November 16-20

Monday - Free reading, Review Hatchet Quiz ch. 6-11; Read Hatchet  ch. 14-15

Homework: Read 40 minutes

Tuesday - Free reading 15 minutes, read Hatchet ch. 16-17

Homework: Read 40 minutes, Complete Reading Response 9 (by Wednesday for +1)

Wednesday - Free reading 15 minutes, Small group work; Read Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books; Discuss events found in Hatchet and new information given my Gary Paulsen; Complete Ticket out the Door #4

Homework: Read 40 minutes, Complete Reading Response 7 due on Thursday

Thursday - Free reading 15 minutes; Read Hatchet ch. 18-19-and Epilogue
Homework: Read 40 minutes,  Reading Response 9 due today

Friday - Free reading 15 minutes, read Hatchet ch 10-11.
Reading Response 9 November 17, 2015.doc
Hatchet Cry in the Wild Permission

Tomorrow, December 11 students have a quiz on Among the Hidden

Students will need to study their notebooks and the list of vocabulary words from the book. It will an open book test. Attached is a list of the vocabulary words and their definitions or synonyms.

Chapters 1-4                                                   (more from Chapters 17-20)

lofty  - high and big                                         annihilation – to wipe out ; extinct   

beckoned - called                                            genocide – to kill a group; 3rd children

careened – went off course                            astronomical – out of this world

proper – appropriate                                      notion - idea

shrugged – shoulder lift “I don’t care”           grimace – negative facial expression

combines – machine for cutting crops

resolutely – gave in and decided                    Chapters 21-24


Chapters 5-8                                                   germination – sprouting

                                                                        cultivation – feeding, watering; taking care of

habitation – living place                                 preponderance – possibility of

offal – waste parts of butchered animals       daunting – overwhelmingly difficult

reciprocity  - give and take                             domesticity – homey; girly

hangdog – sad                                                 earnestness – serious, sincere           

tentatively – cautiously; carefully                   revolution – to overthrow a system; 3rd child law


Chapters 9-12                                                             Chapters 25-28


Incredulously – unbelievable                         fervently -  with passion

taunted – teased                                              obsessively – thinking about or doing all the time

sporadically – randomly                                 intently – with concentration

theoretically – it is possiblyaudibly – able to be heard

                                                                        sabotage – to ruin plans from within

Chapters 13-16                                               totalitarian – dictatorship; government control

                                                                        cynicism – negative criticism

sanctuary -  safe place                                    manipulated – controlled; tricked

awe – amazement                                           exempt – don’t have to do it

harboring – hiding; protecting

infiltrator – spy                                               Chapters 29-30

congealed – to harden like Jell-O

                                                                        guerilla - revolutionary

Chapters 17-20                                               indifference – not caring attitude

                                                                        lackey – worker; servant

flippantly – lighthearted “no big deal”           persona non grata – person not wanted or liked

ominous  - dark; evil                                       ramshackle – broken down

industrialized -  developed with factories       famine – no food available due to crop failure