Equipment and Safety PPT.pptx
Graphing M & M's Lab PPT.pptx
The Strongest Paper Towel.docx
Hatchet PPT.pptx
Scientific Method Vocab BIG.docx

T in Tails: Title

A in Tails: x and y axis labeled

I in Tails: Intervals are equal

L in Tails: Labels

S in Tails: Scale

Metric Mania Notes.docx
Metrics Vocab.docx
Metric Conv PPT.ppt

Meters Liters and Grams Rap Challenge

1.1 Describing Matter.doc
Describing Matter.pptx
1.2 Measuring Matter.doc
Measuring Matter.pptx
1.3 Changes in Matter.doc
Changes in Matter PPT.pptx

1.1 & 1.2 Vocabulary.docx

2.1 States of Matter.doc
2.2 Changes of State.doc
2.3 Gas Behavior.doc

2.1 and 2.2 S. of M. and C. of S. Vocab.docx

3.1 Intro to Atoms.doc

Matter#1 Study Guide
Chapter 1 Study Guide.docx

Video Links Tuesday Technology.docx

Periodic Table Live Link.docx


Element Baby Book PPT.pptx
Element Baby Book.doc

Element Baby Book -
Periodic Table Video--

Energy Video--

Meet the Elements Video--

Motion Force and Energy

Physics Vocabulary.docx

1.1 Describing and Measuring Motion.doc
1.3 Acceleration.doc

MFE 1.1-1.3 Take Home Test

Chapter 1 Test.docx

2.1 The Nature of Forces.doc
2.2 Friction and Gravity.doc
2.3 Newton's First and Second Laws.doc
2.4 Newton's Third Law.doc

4.1 What is Work.doc
4.3 Simple Machines.ppt

Newton's Laws and the NFL

Roller Coaster Videos

Video #1 Construction Tips

 Video #2 Columns

Video #3 Beams

 Video #4 Diagonal Supports

Video #5 Track

Video #6 Loops

Video #7 Shelf

Video #8 Funnel

Video #9 Merge

 Video #10  Turn

Video Paper Coaster Example

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Wave on a String


Physics Final Study Guide.docx

5.1 What is Energy.doc
5.2 Forms of Energy.doc

Science Fair Parent Letter.doc
Science Fair Parent Letter - Spanish.doc
Science Fair Details (graph) PPT.pptx
Intro Science Fair (Skittles Lab).pptx

Waves Notes
Waves Notes.docx


Seasons (4:45)


Wind (1:53)

Climate 101 (4:33)


Climate Change (1:50)


Atmospheric Pressure (5:34)


Air Pressure Explained (4:28)

Weather for kids part #1 (14:59)

Weather for kids #2 (12:08)

Exploratory Project 2016 Rubric.doc

Forensics Notes


Blood Basics.ppt

Hairs & Fibers.ppt

Impressive Evidence.ppt

Microscope Basics.ppt