If you are interested in a private teacher for your child or yourself, please email Mr. Carrico or check my wall of private teachers in the band and orchestra room at Lone Star.

Here is what you should do if you want want to be successful: 



  1. Seek out Private Instruction:  Find the “Best” possible Private Music Teacher!
  2. Write out a Practice Schedule: Practice a minimum 30 minutes daily, scales, textbook, and sheet music assignments for example!
  3. Set “Goals” to chart your development: Choose a “specific” time to practice, and a location in your home where you can Practice in a quiet environment! (For example, 4:00 p.m. daily, in my room.)
  4. Concentrate:  Avoid any distraction that will keep you from practicing!
  5. Relax, and Practice slowly:  Never play any music faster than you can play it perfectly!
  6. Practice Longer on Things you can’t do: Tackle the difficult passages of the music first. This will create a greater challenge and a much more meaningful practice session!
  7. Always Do Your Best: Student Work is the “Best” while putting forth outstanding effort!
  8. Don’t be too hard on yourself:  While learning your music, perfection is not possible! Exercise “Patience” and remember, learning is a process that takes time, especially if the music practice assignment is difficult!
  9. Don’t Show Off:  Let your instrument do the talking, be a team player, and exercise “Confident Humility!”
  10.  Think for yourself: Always… Always ask questions, remember what you have learned and memorize what you have been taught!
  11.  Be Positive:  Be Optimistic, and you will experience and acquire a “love” for music!
  12.  Look for “Connections” to other things:  Music is History, Science, Math, Physical Education, and the universal language of mankind! Most of all, music is beauty!