Miss Wilson- LA Reading, Team 6-1

May 15-19
Monday: Free Reading
                 -Bridge Quiz
                 - "I Birthed a Nation" and "Stores of the No                             Sayers"

Tuesday: Free Reading
                -"Glorious Hill" and "The Third Thing"

Wednesday- Free Reading
                     Finish One Crazy Summer
                     Review for quiz          

Thursday- 2nd One Crazy Summer Quiz

Friday: Field Day


May 22-26

Monday:  Free Reading
                SCOPE Magazine

Tuesday:  Free Reading
                 SCOPE Magazine

Wednesday: Free Reading
                   Read through poems for presentations

Thursday:  Free Reading
                  Choose poems for presentations and copy

Friday: Free Reading
             Practice poems

May 29- June 2

Monday: No School, Memorial Day

Tuesday: Free Reading

                 Practice Poems

Wednesday- Friday: Poetry presentations

HOMEWORK-- Students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.