December 4-8

Monday 4:

Finish ISAT Practice test

Tuesday 5:

Read Scope Article

“Swimming for Her Life”

Wednesday 6:

Finish Reading the Article

Find two pieces of textual evidence to support each statement:
Use direct quotes

  1. Yusra and Sarah are very courageous.
  2. The life of a refugee can be difficult
  3. Staying in Syria would have meant risking their lives.
  4. Yusra’s life becomes positive after she flees from Syria.

Thursday 7:

Finish Textual Evidence Assignment from Wednesday

Friday 8:

ACE Response

  1. How does Yusra’s life improve after she leaves Syria?
  2. Yusra and Sarah become refugees. Why is the life of a refugee difficult? 

Swimming for Her Life

 27-December 1

Monday 27:

Begin Class with Journal Entry: What are you afraid of?

Discuss and share journals

Read Fears and Phobias page 41 in Collections

Tuesday 28:

Finish reading Fears and Phobias

Review textual evidence

Use the ACE method to answer the question: What causes phobias?

Wednesday 29: 

ISAT Practice Test

Thursday 30:

Finish paragraph (from Tuesday) using the ACE method

Friday 1:

Library and free reading 

October 16-20

Monday 16:

  • Character Web
  • Chapter 5 (Finish Chapter 5 at home)

Tuesday 17:

  • Chapter 6

    Wednesday 18:

  • Chapter 7

    Thursday 19:

  • Chapter 8

    Friday 20:

  • Chapter 9

October 2-4

Monday 2:

Students will be separated into two groups

Group A: Puritans 

Group B: Quakers

Students will read the materials on their specific people group


Tuesday 3:

Students will begin poster

Each student will be given a piece of paper and the directions to put together a poster for a presentation on their specific people group

            Information to include on poster:

  • Main beliefs of this religious group
  • Were they persecuted (mistreated), and why?
  • Why did this religious group clash with the second group? (Why did the Puritans clash with the Quakers? /Why did the Quakers clash with the Puritans?)
  • Include a picture representation of a person of this religious group
    • Include a caption to explain the image
  • Include ANY interesting fact from the article on the poster

Wednesday 4:

Students will present their posters to a partner of the opposite group

If time remains, students will write a paragraph comparing the Puritans and the Quakers.


Vocabulary: Persecuted

Learning Target: I can identify key details from informational reading about a specific religious group.

I can deliver a presentation that I have prepared, and I can listen while my partner give a presentation


September 25-29

Monday 25:

Finish reading “Ravine”

Discuss Plot


Tuesday 26:

Feedback on Plot Quiz 1 (does not count in final grade)

Prepare for Plot Quiz 2


Wednesday 27:

Plot Quiz 2


Thursday 28:

Closer Reader “The Jumping Tree”


Friday 29:

Finish “The Jumping Tree”

Comprehension HW Due 

Magazine Cover Page Assignment-- 
Due September 6th

    This week you will be creating a magazine cover page… featuring YOURSELF! The purpose of this assignment is to practice using the text features we have learned. Take your time to do your very best because these covers will be displayed outside the room for conferences! 

Your magazine cover needs to include the following text features

  • A magazine title (Teen People, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Gamer). Use block letters, fancy cursive, or stencils to make your letters nice and neat.
  • The heading or title of the article about you
  • A photograph or drawing of yourself as the cover story (the most important article)
  • A caption explaining the photograph or drawing
  • At least two sidebars/inserts—these should be headlines of other stories inside
  • A small bullet list (at least three bullets with heading) in one of the bottom corners (your favorite activities, music, sports, etc.)
  • Include words in bold font (black)
  • Include italicized words, (must be clear)
  • The date and volume number of the magazine in the lower right side of the front page

TIPS—don’t leave any white space! Color, color, color! USE A RULER! This way your lines will look nice and straight. Colored pencils are better than markers.

You will be graded on completeness, neatness, and creativity. You must have at least ten different text features on your cover.