ISAT 2.0 Information
ISAT 2.0 (SBAC) Practice
ISAT 2.0 (SBAC) assessments are made up of four item types:
1) Selected-Response

4)Performance Task
A description of those items follows:
1)Selected-Response Items (SR)
Traditionally known as Multiple Choice, selected-response items include a stimulus and stem followed by three to five options from which a student is directed to choose only one.

2) Constructed-Response Items (CR)
The main purpose of a constructed-response item is to address targets and claims that are of greater complexity. They ask students to develop answers without suggested answer choices.

3) Technology-enhanced Items/Tasks (TE)
Technology-enhanced items can provide evidence for ELA practices that could not be as reliably obtained from traditional SRs and CRs. Technology-enhanced items may stand alone or may be a tool used as part of the Performance Task and/or Constructed-Response items. Several TE template specifications have been designed for use in the ELA domain, including reordering text, selecting and changing text, selecting text, and selecting from drop-down menus.

4)Performance Tasks (PT)
The ELA Performance Tasks focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening, and research claims. They measure capacities such as depth of understanding, interpretive and analytical ability, basic recall, synthesis, and research. They may take place over time.
ISAT 2.0 (SBAC) Expectations
Claim 1 – Students can read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of
increasingly complex literary and informational texts.

Claim 2 – Students can produce effective and well-grounded writing for a range of
purposes and audiences.

Claim 3 – Students can employ effective speaking and listening skills for a range of
purposes and audiences.

Claim 4 – Students can engage in research/inquiry to investigate topics, and to analyze, integrate, and present information.
Distracter: the incorrect response options to an SR item.
Distracter Analysis: the item writer‘s analysis of the options or rationale for inclusion of specific options.
Item: the entire item, including the stimulus, question/prompt, answer/options, scoring
criteria, and metadata.

Key: the correct response(s) to an item.
Options: the responses to a selected-response (SR) item from which the student selects one or more answers.
Scoring Rubric: the descriptions for each score point for an item/task that scores more than one point for a correct response.
Stem: the statement of the question or prompt to which the student responds.
Stimulus: the text, source (e.g., video clip), and/or graphic about which the item is written. The stimulus provides the context of the item/task to which the student must respond.
Task: similar to an item, yet typically more involved and usually associated with constructed response, extended-response, and performance tasks.
Top-Score Response: one example of a complete and correct response to an item/task.

Common Core Critical Vocabulary:
Analyze: break it down; explain what you found
Compare: find likenesses between two or more things
Contrast: find differences between two or more things
Describe: depict in words; tell in your own words
Determine: conclude; decide; choose
Develop: elaborate or expand in detail
Evaluate: find value, judge, appraise (You be the judge!)
Explain: tell about something so people understand it
Integrate: put together; combine (when you are using multiple texts)
Interpret: describe what you found out
Organize: arrange; classify; order; consolidate
Paraphrase: put the author's words into your own words; make it easier to understand
Summarize: make a short statement of the main points of a passage
Support: hold up; prove; help

Articles with questions:

Orbits R Us article and prompt.docx
Orbits R Us-SBAC sample with answers.docx

Remote Community-article with prompt only.docx
Remote Community Gets High-Tech-SBAC sample with answers.docx

Summer on Wheels-SBAC-with prompt only.docx
Summer on Wheels-SBAC -with answers.docx

Warm up-literary device from Divergent-prompt only-SBAC prep.docx
Warm up-literary device from Divergent-prompt with answer-SBAC prep.docx

SBAC questions for practice in class.docx

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