Free verse poem and poster-due Monday, May 21, 2018

Students will write a free verse in class from Friday, May 11-Thursday May 17. On Wednesday, May 16, they will be given a piece of construction paper for their poem. They will make a "poster" for their poem. See rubric:

Rubric for Free Verse Poem

  • Impactful word choice and vocabulary (2)___
  • Use of at least two literary devices (SHAMPOO)(2)___
  • Clear communication of ideas (2) ___
  • Presentation is neat; symbols included-representative of “Best Work”(2)___
  • Include a Note from the author: (2) ___ Total:____

  (At the bottom of your free verse, write a short paragraph explaining your thoughts, what inspired you, which literary devices you used, etc. This is your chance to tell your reader the “deeper meaning” of your poem.)

Free Verse Notes (2).pptx
Free verse stations.docx (these are written by former students)
​Poem Memorization-due Monday, May 7, 2018
Poetry Samples for Poetry Unit 2018.doc
Poetry Presentation Rubric.docx
Summative Assignment for SMART goal: Due Friday, April 20, 2018.

  • A role model is a person you look up to. Before you begin writing, think about someone you look up to. Why do you admire this person? Write a composition in which you explain to your classmates whom you admire and why you admire this person.
  • Rubric: Smart Goal with rubric 2017-2018.docx

W.6.5 I can write a well- developed piece of writing, using revision and editing techniques


Argumentative writing assignment-due Friday, February 16

Prompt: Write an argumentative essay to answer the question: Should people be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?

Performance Book-pages 10-11-source 1 and 2.docx

Performance Book-pages 12-13-source 3 and 4.docx

1. Choose your side
2. Write a claim for your argument
3.  Use the 4 sources from your performance book for evidence.
4. Follow the template/outline
Template for 4 paragraph argument.docx

5. Write a 4-paragraph essay. Be sure to revise and edit carefully


Summative Assignment for Quarter 2: Due January 12 at the end of the period

Prompt: You have read about rogue waves and tsunamis. Write an informative essay comparing and contrasting these two wave events. Cite text evidence. You may write an 8-sentence paragraph, or if you choose to do so, a full essay of 4 paragraphs.

Day One (January 3): Close read- source 1: What are Rogue Waves? (Performance Assessment: pages 58-60). Highlight and annotate.

Rogue Waves 1.pdf
Rogue Waves 2.pdf
Rogue Waves 3.pdf

Day Two (January 4): Close read- source 2: What Causes Tsunamis? (Performance Assessment: pages 61-62). Highlight and annotate

Tsunamis 1.pdf
Tsumanis 2.pdf
constructed response-rogue waves-tsunamis.pdf
multiple choice-rogue-tsunami.pdf

Day 3 (January 5): Write topic sentence and begin graphic organizer or outline
graphic organizer Rogue Waves versus Tsunamis.docx
chart rogue waves and tsunamis.docx
Day 4: ( January 8): Graphic organizer/pre-write (Plan well!)
Day 5: (January 9): Figure out what evidence you will use and how you will cite it (Be sure to use at least 3 of the 4 ways).

Ways to Cite Information.docx

Day 6:  (January 10): Begin writing
Day 7: (January 11): Continue writing/Finish 
Day 8: (January 12): Revise; edit; submit by the end of the period

  • Answer completely using key words (topic sentence or thesis statement)– highlight yellow
  • Cite textual evidence-citations only, please – highlight light green
  • Explain/expand your answer – highlight light blue
  • Closing/wrap up-highlight red
  • Transitions-you choose the color

CHECKLISTS for informative writing.docx
Rubric-informational text.docx

Remember: This assignment must follow MLA format, including double spaced. Times New Roman, and 12 font

December 8: Due at the end of the period: 8-sentence paragraph using ACE

See week of December 4-8 for daily details

Seed Vault Article.docx (by Damian Carrington)


Using the article by Damian Carrington on the seed vault, write an 8-sentence paragraph, using the ACE Method, to answer these questions: What is the Global Seed Vault, and what is its purpose? Explain how the weather has affected it.

  • Answer completely using key words – highlight yellow
  • Cite textual evidence – highlight green
  • Explain/expand your answer – highlight light blue


Graded on ACE, spelling, and two forms of textual evidence

Scoring Guide: 25 point

1…….16.5 (66%)

1.5…...17.5 (70%)

2……..19 (76%)

2.5……20 (80%)

3………21.5 (86%)

3.5……22.5 (90%)

4……..24-24.8 (96%)

Informational 8-sentence paragraph, using ACE Due Friday, December 1.

Prompt: Using the article from the Department of Veterans Affairs, explain why Americans celebrate Veterans Day and how it originated. Write an 8-sentence paragraph, using the ACE Method.

Veteran's Day Article.docx

 8-sentence paragraph and highlight

  • Answer completely using key words – yellow
  • Cite textual evidence – green
  • Explain/expand your answer – light blue

If you do not finish by the end of class, it is homework.

Graded on ACE and spelling

Scoring Guide: 25 point

1…….16.5 (66%)

1.5…...17.5 (70%)

2……..19 (76%)

2.5……20 (80%)

3………21.5 (86%)

3.5……22.5 (90%)

4……..24-24.8 (96%)


CCSS W 6.2 I can develop an 8-sentence paragraph using the ACE method.

Informational Writing Assignment: Due date: Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Prompt: Compare and contrast hurricanes and tornadoes. Cite text evidence from the articles in the performance assessment (Sources #2, #3, and #4)
You may write a full essay (see my example in the sample essays, or you may write an 8-sentence paragraph.
This will be done on google docs. Use the same document you used for your narrative-just go down to the next page.
See below for helpful information. The sample essays will show you the parts of a paragraph as well as how to cite evidence and use a variety of sentence structures with transitions. 
Source 2-map-Tornadoes and Hurricanes.docx
Source 3-Tornadoes page 1.docx
Source 3-Tornadoes page 2.docx
Notes from October 16.docx  graphic organizer for 8-sentence paragraph
Notes from October 17.docx
Notes Oct 19.docx

Tornadoes-Hurricanes sample essays.docx
CHECKLISTS for informative writing.docx


pink=CX; green=transitions; yellow=textual evidence; blue=opener/closer/interrupter

1 topic sentence

3 textual evidence

1 complex sentence

1 opener, closer, interrupter

4 transitions

10 points – formative “Informational Paragraph 1-guided”

W 6.1 I can support my claim with textual evidence.

L 6.2 I can use a variety of transitions and sentence structure. 

Narrative Writing Assignment: Due date: Thursday, September 21, 2017

Prompt:Rewrite your narrative that you wrote (partially) in the beginning of the school year. Incorporate all the components required for an excellent narrative. (This narrative can be real or imagined, written in 3rd person, and the theme is a fear that the character must face and overcome.)

You must have an exposition that includes a hook, characters, setting, and a hint of the conflict.

You must have a middle with rising action, a climax, and falling action.
You must have an exposition that leaves the reader with a satisfying ending.

PowerPoint with Narrative Notes: Narrative Writing powerpoint.ppt
Transition list: Transitions for narrative writing.pdf
Rubric to follow for grading Organization/Purpose; Development/Elaboration; Conventions)



6 paragraphs / ind(12)___


Clear stages of the plot(10)___




Clear, engaging story(10)___

Total: (50)___

Narrative rubric -state testing.pdf You will be required to use MLA format for the entire document (typed on google docs). (This will be done in school, but students may work on it at home as well if they desire.) 

Quarter 4, Week 8: History of the 6th Grade. (process grade for each of the 3 days)-Due Friday, May 27
Students will write an essay on their 6th grade year. The entire 3 days will be devoted to this, and students must present quality work and use their time efficiently and productively.
Highlight your claim in the intro and conclusion in blue.
Highlight each topic sentence in your body paragraphs in yellow.
Highlight your transitions in green.

Quarter 4, Week 7 Free Verse Poem, due Thursday, May 18, 2017 (Due date extended to Monday, May 22!)
You will write your own free verse during class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Your finished product must be presented on computer paper. See below for details. Don't forget to include the Author's Note.

Rubric for Free Verse Poem

  • Advanced word choice and vocabulary 
  • Use of at least one literary devices (SHAMPOO)
  • Correct spelling (not more than 1 error)
  • Presentation is neat; symbols included-representative of “Best Work”
  • Include a Note from the author: 

  (At the bottom of your free verse, write a short paragraph explaining your thoughts, what   inspired you, which literary devices you used, etc. This is your chance to tell your reader the “deeper meaning” of your poem.)

Free Verse Notes (2).pptx 

Poetry Slam Competition 
Example of formatting a free verse:
The Pencil-free verse.doc


What is Poetry (Shmoop) 4:40

Quarter 4, Week 3 and 4 (due Wednesday, April 26th)-Nature vs Nurture Essay (Your Character Traits)

Writing project: Write a 4-paragraph essay on your traits. Which ones were you born with and which ones did you learn from your environment? (Think about what makes you, you! You were born with certain traits. Some are unique to you, but you also inherited some of them from your parents through DNA (genetic). You also developed traits over time through your environment as you spent time with family and friends. "You are shaped by your environment."

Paragraph 1=introduction (hook, connection, thesis/claim/focus)

 Paragraph 2= traits you were born with

Paragraph 3= traits you developed from your environment

 Paragraph 4=Conclusion (Claim/thesis/focus restated in a fresh way, insight, wrap-up)


Begin this project with a one-sentence claim/thesis/focus which will drive your essay.

(Goal for Wednesday=intro)

Rubric: 2 grades (You must highlight so I know that you know! Thanks!)

 5 points=claim in the right position in both the intro and the conclusion (highlight)
Smart Goal-2016-17.docx 

5 points=1 point per transition (highlight) (does not include the transitions in the claim in your intro and conclusion)

Quarter 4, Week 2 (2016-17): Due Friday, April 14-Misplaced Modifier Poster

 Rubric for Poster: 3 points=corrected sentence; 2 points=quality work for a total of 5 points

Students will choose a sentence and write it as is and then in its corrected form. Students will draw a picture representation of the incorrect sentence. Computer paper will be given. See slide #18 on the power point below.
Misplaced Modifiers 1.pptx

Quarter 3, Week 5: February 27-March 7 Writing Final (Due Tuesday, March 7)

Students will be researching the pros and cons of zoos. They have Source 1 and Source 2 provided, but they can also do their own research. After the research is completed, they will choose a stand and write a claim to express that stand. Students will write a 4-paragraph essay on the topic of whether zoos should be allowed or not. This essay will include an introduction, two body paragraphs that include a counterclaim, and a conclusion.

  1. Intro
    1. Hook
    2. Explain the hook
    3. Claim
  2. Body paragraph
    1. Main point: Topic sentence
    2. Cite, explain
    3. You may give another strong reason for your stand, but include make sure your topic sentence will cover this. Include a citation and explanation
    4. Wrap up
  3. Body paragraph
    1. Counterclaim
    2. Rebuttal
    3. Explain; expand
    4. Wrap up
  4. Conclusion
  1. Restate claim in a fresh way
  2. Give an insight
  3. Wrap up

Source 1:  Video on the Pros and Cons of Zoosvideo (5:03)

Source 2: Pros and Cons List article





Quarter 3, Week 4: February 21-24, 2017 (due the 24th)-Cell phone argument. This week, we will be working on a 4-paragraph essay, teacher guided. The thesis statement/claim in the intro and conclusion will be graded.)

Monday 20 (holiday)

Tuesday 21: (Modeling an Argumentative Essay) “Cell Phone Usage in Class” Introduction (hook, explanation of hook, claim)
Hooks for cell phone usage in class.pptx

Wednesday 22: Body paragraphs: points and counterclaims
Example of a full essay (Cell Phone in the Classroom) Students will identify: 
 1.the hook
 3.claim in the intro
 4.the claim in the conclusion 
 6. the parts of the conclusion (claim, insight, wrap up)
cell phones in school example.docx (Review this essay and use it to guide you, but you may not copy anything.)

Thursday and Friday: Lab-Type up final copy on google docs. Due Friday, February 24

Quarter 3, Week 1

Percy Jackson 5-paragraph essay due Wednesday, February 1, 2017 (This has been a two week process in class.)

Submit on google docs. Use the same document already submitted to me; just scroll down to start a new essay.

  1. Thesis statement (highlighted)-5 points summative
  2. Students will choose their best body paragraph to be graded (highlighted) -10 points ( topic sentence, ample details, and wrap-up that lines up with the thesis)
  3. Graphic Organizer for Informational Essay.docx
  4. Percy Jackson intro-example.pptx
  5. How to Write a Conclusion-Percy Jackson example.doc

Revising to Enhance Your Essay

Do you have these parts?

 Paragraph 1: Hook, details, thesis
Paragraph 2: topic sentence, details, wrap-up 
Paragraph 3: topic sentence, details, wrap-up
Paragraph 4: topic sentence, details, wrap-up
Paragraph 5: Thesis (restated in a fresh way, insight, wrap-up

1.Read your entire essay aloud, making sure to pronounce each word carefully. Fix anything that is obviously a mistake 
2.  Do you have enough transitions? Every paragraph should have some, but they must all be different 
3. Look for all capital letters. Each sentence should start with one. Make sure titles and proper nouns are capitalized.
4. Double check any homophones: there/their/they’re-to, too, two. A lot is two words! 
5. Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Use the computer or the dictionary. When in doubt, check. Don’t assume! 
6. Look for two simple sentences side by side. Combine. Remember, you need complex sentences/interrupters, openers, closers. 
7. Check for sentence variety. Make sure that you don’t write sentences the same way. 
8. T
he beginning of each paragraph should begin differently than the other paragraphs. 
9. Check for proper comma placement: “When the SC’s in the beginning, there’s a comma/When the SC’s in the middle, there’s no comma.” Also, make sure that each transition has a comma e.g. Ultimately, Truly, etc. 
10. Sentences must not begin with a conjunction (And, But) Does each sentence have ending punctuation? 
11. Look for dead words and slang and choose a better replacement. 
13)  Re-read your corrected paper.

Body Paragraphs for the introduction paragraph on Percy Jackson that we did last week:
Due Wednesday, January 25. See slides #4 and # 5 below.

Remember: Topic sentences are not the same as a thesis statement, but they must relate to the thesis.

Sample Introduction-Body Paragraphs- informational.pptx

Introduction paragraph due Wednesday, January 18 at the end of the paragraph

Write an introduction paragraph for an informational essay on the fictitious character, Percy Jackson, from the novel The Lightning Thief.

Below paragraph write three bullet points to represent body paragraphs

Example of an Introduction paragraph for an essay on Lone Star Middle School 

Lone Star Middle School

Louie the Longhorn. Kelly green and black. Great students and staff. This is Lone Star Middle School. Located in Nampa, Idaho, Lone Star is home to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders living in the south part of the city. The mascot of Lone Star, Louie, cheers along with the students at every game, proudly wearing Kelly green and black to show school pride. Truly, Lone Star is a first-rate middle school. (simple sentence with transition)

Louie the Longhorn. Kelly green and black. Great students and staff. This is Lone Star Middle School. Located in Nampa, Idaho, Lone Star is home to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders living in the south part of the city. The mascot of Lone Star, Louie, cheers along with the students at every game, proudly wearing Kelly green and black to show school pride. The academics, extracurricular activities, and the wonderful people make Lone Star a first-rate school. (3-part)

Louie the Longhorn. Kelly green and black. Great students and staff. This is Lone Star Middle School. Located in Nampa, Idaho, Lone Star is home to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders living in the south part of the city. The mascot of Lone Star, Louie, cheers along with the students at every game, proudly wearing Kelly green and black to show school pride. Because Lone Star has so much to offer, it is a first-rate middle school. (Complex)

Three bullet points that represent the body paragraphs of this essay:

  • Academics
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Wonderful People

More help with this (other examples from class)

Claim-focus-thesis statement examples for informational text.pptx


Writing project (2082) for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday-Due Friday, December 9 at the end of the period:

 Imagine that the year is 2082, 66 years from now, and you are 78 years old, or close to it! Explain what the future is like in the form of a short story or you may write an informational essay. The purpose of this writing is to discuss your ideas about the future regarding technology, popular trends, food, houses, and entertainment.

 You may write as much as you want, but it must be at least one full page, double spaced, with paragraphs. See the rubric below:


Summative Conventions Grade: (10)

Advanced-4 (A)   (9-10 pts) There are very few capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, and they do not distract from the readability.

Proficient-3 (B) (8-8.5 pts) There are some capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors, but they do not distract from the readability.

Basic-2 (C) (7-7.5 pts) There are several capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, errors which may distract from the readability.

Below Basic-1 (D) (6-6.5 pts) There are multiple capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors which make understanding difficult.

· Severity: Basic errors are more heavily weighted than higher-level errors.

· Density: The proportion of errors to the amount of writing done well. This includes the ratio of errors to the length of the piece.

Summative MLA format Grade: (4)

Heading (4 lines)= 2 points

Paragraph: each page should have a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs=1 point

Double spaced=.5 point

Title=.5 point


 Due Thursday, November 9, 2016 by the end of the period: One paragraph response to an article:
All work will be done in class, starting Tuesday, November 8. Students do have the option of typing this at home after doing the work at school.
Article: page 24 and 25 of Scope Magazine
How Candy Conquered America  (This is an audio version on YouTube. It takes 4:46 minutes to listen to, and you can read along.)
Here is the 2nd part of the article: Candy for Dinner (click on document)
Candy for Dinner article.docx

Prompt: How has the understanding of sugar changed since the 1800s?

Outline paragraph with boxes (hook/claim/3 supporting details/wrap-up)
Rough Draft must include evidence of revision and editing

Rubric for one-paragraph-organization, word choice and sentence structure, conventions.doc

Quarter 1 Final: Due Friday, October 21, 2016

(From the book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond)

Prompt: Was Kit’s life better when she lived in Barbados, or is her life better now that she lives in Connecticut? Explain your claim. (One paragraph ONLY)

  • Paragraph Organization: 10/___ Hook/ Claim/ Ample Supporting Details/ Wrap-Up
  • Conventions: 10/___ Spelling/ Punctuation/ Capitalization
  • Sentence Structure and Word Choice: 10/___ Sentence Variety/ Advanced Vocabulary
  • MLA Format: 4/___
  • Following Instructions: 4/___ Rubric Attached/ Paragraph Follows Prompt/ Rough Draft Included/ Evidence of Revision and Editing

paragraph structure, hook, and wrap up.pptx- information here about writing a hook
Claim hook wrap-up-Round 2.pptx-information about hooks and wrap ups
Outline-final picture.docx
Pros and Cons of Living in Barbados or Connecticut.docx

Transition Sheet 

Download File

How to Write a claim three different ways.docx

Due: Wednesday, September 28, 2016:

Write a well-written paragraph on your favorite season. See class samples below.
MLA Format Grade (4pts) Conventions/Sentence Structure/ Complex sentences (10pts) and Please Highlight a CX sentence.
Season paragraph samples from each class-9-27-16.docx 

Monday, Sept. 19, 2016: From Scholastic magazine (get one from me if you were absent)
"The Story of AWWW: How a rare rodent from a far-off land became a beloved American pet." Pages 10-12. Read the article and then using the ACE method, answer this prompt: Prove why owning a hamster would be a good idea, and use textual evidence from the article to make your claim. Turn your final copy in on a separate piece of paper in MLA format.
How this will be graded:

Correct MLA format grade

                Heading (2pts-.5 each line)

                Margins (1pt-.5 each)

                Indentations (.5pt)

                Title (.5pt)

Complex Sentence grade-Student highlights sentence to be graded (3pts)

4th quarter Summatives:

1) Thesis Statement (simple sentence with a transition) (Tuesday, May 10)
2) Thesis Statement (complex sentence with a transition) (Friday, May 13)
3) Thesis Statement (Three-part) (Wednesday, May 18)
4) Due May 25: Five-paragraph essay "History of the 6th grade" 
I. Intro:
Thesis Statement (you choose which kind)
II. III. IV. (At least three-body paragraphs describing your memories from the 6th grade)
V. Conclusion (must start with your re-worded thesis and must make reference to the future) (10 points)     How to write a killer thesis statement:5:04 min.

3rd Quarter Writing Final:
Students will be in the computer lab from Monday, February 22 to Monday, February 29th for a total of 6 days. Assignment will be written on google docs.

Writing Final-Dropping of the Bomb quarter 3.docx (this includes the rubric)
Pros and cons of the dropping of the bomb.docx
Thesis tips.pptx 
Sentence Starters for Making a Counterclaim.docx

Revising Your Essay.doc

Links to help find an audience hook or further information for your claim: (BBC)   (2009, staff) According to the website,  ( According to the website, US History, (author’s last name) (This is Truman's speech about dropping the bomb, so this would be good information for you if your position is for dropping the bomb.) Cite his name: President Harry S. Truman

Name: Period:


Conventions (Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar)=10 points



Word choice and vocabulary (Use of 3rd quarter vocabulary, and above-grade-level expression, written in a formal manner: Do not use I, we, you or any slang) =10 points



Thesis Statement (Clear statement of claim in the intro and conclusion with correct punctuation) =5 points



Evidence (3), Counterclaim, and Rebuttal (make sure to cite sources)=5 points



Format (heading, indentations, double spaced, title) =4 points




2-Paragraph argument: Cell Phone Usage in School-Due Monday, February 8, 2016 -spelling and format grade
Cell phones at school template.docx
2-paragraph cell phone usage example.docx

2-Paragraph argument: 4-Day School Week-Due Friday, January 22, 2016-spelling grade
Template for 2 paragraph argument on 4 day school-use March 4.docx
4-day school argument-student samples.pptx
Weapons Project (Comparing weapons from WWI to WWII) Due date: Thursday, January 28 at the end of class.
The purpose is to learn how effectively write bullet points and to organize information. 

Bullet point notes

Explain weapons project and rubric

Start weapons project: 

 Students will be given the resource for this project (class notes-see below)
weopons ww1-ww2.doc

   Teacher will model first two squares with students

Weapons Poster Rubric:

Four Labels (1)
Correct bullet points (4) 
Works Cited (1)
Spelling (2)
Neatness (1)
MLA Heading (on back) (1)

  • J. Robert Oppenheimer writing assignment-due Tuesday, January 19. On Wednesday, January 13, you will be in the lab doing research from two articles. You will write bullet points for each paragraph. (You will be graded on your notes.)

  • Prompt: Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer, and why is he an important figure in our nation’s history? (Not a biography)

  • You must write at least one beautiful paragraph with a topic sentence, solid information, and an appropriate wrap-up. You must paraphrase your information from your bullet points. Do NOT under any circumstances copy information from the articles. Do spell correctly! More than one paragraph is encouraged!

  •                Additional (optional) information to include:

  • Explain Oppenheimer’s motivation for building the bomb. 
  • What conclusion did Oppenheimer come to after the bomb was finally built?
  • What happened to Oppenheimer after the bomb was finished?

Articles to use:

How this assignment will be graded:

5pts for complete notes from lab

10pts for correct paraphrasing and citing of textual evidence (The names of the articles must be included in the mini-essay.)




Writing Final for Quarter Two (Hatchet)
Due Monday, December 7, 2015 at the end of the period. 
Download below: 
Writing Final Hatchet with rubric.doc
Rubric for Hatchet Final- details.docx
Practice essay due Friday, November 13.
This assignment will be accomplished in class, but if needed, students may finish up at home. It is likely that this will need to happen on Thursday the 12th.
This will count as a thesis statement grade.

Students must write a 5 paragraph essay proving why their favorite season is the best season. It will be written in composition notebooks.

The thesis will be graded as follows:
(thesis grade 7pts): 
1=spelling, grammar
1=no personal pronouns
2=thesis; not a topic
2=clear claim
Total=7 points

The School Play essay (Robert's Success) Due at the end of the period- Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The School Play (Read the story here)

This is a 3-paragraph guided essay. Paragraph 1=Intro with Audience hook, Connection, and Thesis statement (See below for example). You may use the hook and the thesis provided, but you must use your own words for the connection (blue part). See example below.
intro paragraph example for The School Play.pptx

Paragraph 2=connection/link. This is where you prove the thesis statement with examples from the story. (Prove why Robert was successful.) See example below. 
Body Paragraph example for The School Play.pptx

Paragraph 3=Conclusion. Start with your thesis statement, restated in a different way. Point to the future. Wrap up.
Conclusion example for The School Play.pptx

Rubric for this assignment:

5pt Format Grade Summative
Heading-2 (.5 x 4
Title- .5
Indent-1.5 (.5 x 3)
Margin-1 (.5 x 2)

 10pts Conventions (Spelling/Punctuation/Capitalization)

3 or fewer mistakes: 9-10pts
4-5 mistakes: 8-9pts
6-8 mistakes: 7-8pts
8 or more mistakes: 5-6pts

Due: Thursday, September 3, 2015
1-paragraph summary for the story Eleven  (audio) (written)

 Two separate grades 1) format  2) paragraph)

Format grade (Total=4pts: heading) 2/indentation .5/ margins 1/ title .5)

Summary Rubric (Total=10 points

  • Compound Sentence 2 ___
  • Complex Sentence 2___
  • Conventions 6 ___

Write a summary paragraph. Include title and author in the topic sentence. Give important details and wrap up paragraph. Vary sentence patterns. You must include at least one compound sentence and one complex sentence.

You may write this at school and type it at home if you would like, but it is not required. Spending a little bit of time outside of class to work on this is highly encouraged.

You will have Tuesday and Wednesday to work on this, and you will be given class time on Thursday to copy the final draft before turning it in. If you type it the night before, you may bring it to class, and you may turn it in at that point. 

Writing Final for quarter 4: Start date: Thursday, May 14-End date: Thursday, May 21

All work will be done in the lab at school. Essays will be shared with me on Google Drive. Thanks!


Do you believe that experiencing difficult situations in life, being an outsider, or not having a sense of belonging makes a person stronger and more resilient, or does it cause too much long term emotional damage? Choose a side and write a multiple paragraph essay using textual evidence from One Crazy Summer.  You will need to cite your sources within your essay.

 Writing Rubric for final-quarter 4 2015.doc

Character Traits words.doc

Cause and Effect for Delphine and Cecile -for final.docx

Parts of an Essay.docx

Useful Transition Words.doc
Writing Assignment on Twins:
Friday, April 10-Tuesday, April 14- Due at the end of the period on Tuesday. Summative Grade (10 points) (80%) Do your best on this especially in the areas of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. See link and prompt below.
; Introduce vocabulary: Nature vs Nurture, Fraternal/ Identical twins, heredity. Class survey to see if likes, dislikes and personality characteristics are a result of their genetic makeup or their environment.  Journal: If you were raising identical twins, what would you do to make sure that they were unique individuals, and what would you do to make them similar? (We will continue this next Monday and Tuesday. It is due at the end of the period on Tuesday, April 14 for a Summative grade (80% on conventions)
Week 2, quarter 4 Free Verse Poetry Assignment:
Due Friday, March 20 by the end of the period.

Rubric for Free Verse Poem

  • Advanced word choice and vocabulary (2)___
  • Use of at least two literary devices (SHAMPOO)(2)___
  • Correct spelling (not more than 1 error)(2) ___
  • Presentation is neat; symbols included-representative of “Best Work”(2)___
  • Include a Note from the author: (2) ___ Total:__/10

  (At the bottom of your free verse, write a short paragraph explaining your thoughts, what   inspired you, which literary devices you used, etc. This is your chance to tell your reader the “deeper meaning” of your poem.)

deadwords not to use (2).pdf

Writing Final for Quarter 3-Persuasive Essay: Due Friday, February 27, 2015

Was dropping the atomic bomb on Japan the right thing to do, or was it the wrong thing to do? Determine your claim.

Paragraph 1: Intro: Hook, transition (connection or link), thesis statement (claim)

Paragraph 2: Give 3 pieces of evidence to support your claim

Paragraph 3: State a counterclaim and offer a rebuttal

Paragraph 4: Conclusion: restate thesis statement in a different way, comment on the future, wrap up

 Links to help find an audience hook or further information for your claim: (BBC)   (2009, staff) According to the website,  ( According to the website, US History, (author’s last name)

Summary of Pros and Cons for Dropping the Bomb:

Examples of Thesis Statements for 3rd quarter final on the dropping of the bomb.docx

Template for paragraphs 2 and 3 for writing final.docx

Writing an Opinion Template.docx

Persuasive Outline-writing final.docx

Rubric for writing final-3 categories.doc

_Conclusion-Essay final-dropping of the bomb.pptx_____ ___________________________
 Weapons (WWI vs WWII) (poster with bullet points) Due Friday, February 6

  • Weapons Poster Rubric: (10 points total)
  • Four Labels (1)
  • Correct bullet points (4)
  • Works Cited (1)
  • Spelling (2)
  • Neatness (1)
  •  MLA Heading (on back) (1)

 weopons ww1-ww2.doc

(choose either Klaus Fuchs or Robert Oppenheimer)-Due February 3, 2015 at the end of the period. See Rubric below, and download the informational text as needed.

  • Two Transitions (highlight) (2) ___
  • Topic Sentence (1st or 2nd sentence)(2)
  • Details (sequenced with adequate detail)(6)
  • Wrap up(2)
  • At least one interrupter (highlight) (1)___
  • Textual Evidence (1)___
  • Conventions (4)___
  • MLA Format (2)___
  • Sentence Variety (2) ___
  • Total (22)____
Klaus Fuchs.doc

Useful Transition Words.doc

Starting Friday, December 5 we will work on the 2nd quarter final. It is due Friday, December 12. Click on the prompt/rubric below:

Writing Final Hatchet with rubric.doc

Week of November 10-14 and up through November 20...Essay is due November 20 in its published form. Download Rubric below and look on agenda to find any info missing at this tab.

We are writing our first 5 paragraph essay in stages. Parts of it will be due this week, but the final essay will be due the following week. This is a guided essay; we will work on it in class, approximately one paragraph per day, but if you do not finish, you must take it home to complete. You may also consider staying after school Tuesday and/or Thursday.
1) Thesis statement (2 points) due Tuesday, November 11
2) Paragraphs 2 and 3 (2 points) due Friday, November 14
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