About This Class

Every 6th grader has two class periods of Language Arts each day: Reading, and Writing.  I teach the Writing class!

In this class, we will focus on MLA format, grammar, and different styles and
types of writing, including narrative, informative, and argumentative.

Materials Needed:

Composition notebook (stays in this classroom)
Pencil and eraser (bring with you every day)
Planner (bring with you every day)

Class Procedures and Expectations:

Beginning of class
Pick up your notebook from the back of the room
Sit in assigned seat
First things first (warmup)

In class
Pay attention with your face! (eyes up, mouths closed, ears listening)
If it's not yours, don't mess with it
Hear the bell?  Stop everything

End of class
Put your notebook away
Push in your chair
Pick up trash