Quarter 2

Week 4 (November 27-December 1)

Monday, November 27
Highlight and annotate the article - Why did Veterans Day Start?

Tuesday, November 28

Prompt: Using the article from the Department of Veterans Affairs, explain why Americans celebrate Veterans Day and how it originated. Write an 8-sentence paragraph, using the ACE Method.
Write a topic sentence which uses key words from the prompt.

Wednesday, November 30

 Citation Stations - Practice citing evidence four different ways

Thursday, November 31
Begin writing 8-sentence paragraph

Friday, December 1
Finish writing 8-sentence paragraph
Answer completely using key words – yellow
Cite textual evidence – green
Explain/expand your answer – light blue

Week 3 (November 13-17)

Monday, November 13
Pronoun Test
ACE song

Tuesday, November 14
ACE method notes

Wednesday, November 15
Topic sentence practice

Thursday, November 16
ACE method examples

Friday, November 17

Grammar games on chrome books (see Resources - Grammar Games)

Week 2 (November 6-10)

(See Resources - Pronoun Help for links)
Monday, November 6

Formal vs Informal Powerpoint
Pronoun pretest

Tuesday, November 7
Correct informal sentences
Make pronoun chart in notebook

Wednesday, November 8
Warm-up: Correct the pronouns in the sentences
School House Rock Pronoun song video
Shmoop Pronoun video

Thursday, November 9
Warm-up: Clear pronoun antecedent
Shmoop Subject vs Object Pronoun video
Shmoop I vs Me video
Shmoop She vs Her video

Friday, November 10
Pronoun assignment
ACE song
Practice writing topic sentences

Week 1 (October 30 - November 1)

Monday, October 30
Portfolio Day - complete reflection paper

Tuesday, October 31
Grammar Games on chrome books - Games are located in the Resources section of the website

Wednesday, November 1
Talk a Mile a Minute