Quarter 3

Week 4 - February 12-16

Prompt: Should people be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?  Write a four paragraph argumentative essay, and cite text evidence.

Monday, February 12

Plan your essay - cite three pieces of evidence in three different ways

Tuesday, February 13
Plan your essay - write an outline or flow chart and write your counterclaim

Wednesday, February 14
Type on chrome books

Thursday, February 15
Type on chrome books

Friday, February 16
Type on chrome books

Week 3 - February 5-9

Monday, February 5
Open note quiz on argumentative writing
Claim practice
It's vs Its worksheet (complete in notebook)

Tuesday, February 6
Thesis/claim notes and practice

Wednesday, February 7
Reliable sources notes

Thursday, February 8
Read, highlight, annotate Performance Assessment Workbook pages 10-13

Friday, February 9
Continue working through page 16

Week 2 - January 29 - February 2

Monday, January 29
Argumentative writing notes (copy in your notebook)

Tuesday, January 30
Look at example argumentative essay
Begin writing your own argumentative essay
Prompt: Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?

Wednesday, January 31
Continue writing essay

Thursday, February 1

Continue writing essay

Friday, February 2
Continue writing essay
Highlight your claim (in the first paragraph and the last paragraph)

Week 1 - January 22-26

Tuesday, January 23
Test-taking strategies
Evaluate student writing samples

Wednesday, January 24
ISAT assessment

Thursday, January 25
Scope Grammar practice
Shmoop video - Then vs Than

Friday, January 26
"Talk a Mile a Minute" vocabulary game