Quarter 4

Week 9 (May 28-June 1)

Monday, May 28
No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29

Write the history of 6th grade

Wednesday, May 30
Write the history of 6th grade

Thursday, May 31
Write the history of 6th grade

Friday, June 1

Field Day

Week 8 (May 21-25)

Monday, May 21
Present free verse poem

Tuesday, May 22

Present free verse poem
Haiku exchange

Wednesday, May 23
Color poem

Thursday, May 24
Color poem

Friday, May 25
Share color poems
Poetry stations

Week 7 (May 14 - 18)

Monday, May 14
Write free verse poem

Tuesday, May 15
Write free verse poem
Revise and edit, using the rubric (in class)

Wednesday, May 16
Revise and edit, using the rubric (in class)
Begin poster

Thursday, May 17
Finish poster

Friday, May 18
Field trip to Camel's Back Park!

Week 6 (May 7-11)

Monday, May 7
Poetry presentations

Tuesday, May 8
Poetry presentations
Poetry stations

Wednesday, May 9
Poetry notes

Thursday, May 10
Poetry stations

Friday, May 11

Write your own free verse poem

Week 5 (April 30 - May 4)

Monday, April 30
Read poetry packet (as a class)

Tuesday, May 1
Choose / assign poems
Copy your poem on a separate piece of paper

Wednesday, May 2

Watch "Poetry Slam"
Close read your poem (poetry assignment)
Begin memorizing your poem

Thursday, May 3
Go over presentation rubric
Continue memorizing your poem

Friday, May 4
Practice presenting your poem
Peer evaluations using rubrics (practice)

Week 4 (April 23 - 27)

Monday, April 23
Review SHAMPOO for quiz Friday
Intro to poetry (notes and videos)

Tuesday, April 24
Close read a poem as a class - "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman

Wednesday, April 25
Field trip to BSU! :)

Thursday, April 26
Close read a poem on your own - "I, Too" by Langston Hughes

Friday, April 27
Examples of spoken poetry (videos) 

Week 3 (April 16-20)

Monday, April 16
ISAT debrief
Intro to parallelism (notes and videos)

Tuesday, April 17
Parallelism practice

Wednesday, April 18

SMART goal summative

Thursday, April 19
SMART goal summative - Writing process formative grade

Friday, April 20
SMART goal summative - Final draft DUE today

Week 2 (April 9-13)

ISAT week
Wednesday - Roots, prefixes, suffixes

Week 1 (April 2-6

Monday, April 2
Review the three types of writing (narrative, informative, argumentative)

Tuesday, April 3
Sentence structure review (simple, compound #1, compound #2, complex)

Wednesday, April 4
Literary devices - SHAMPOO (notes)

Thursday, April 5
Literary devices - SHAMPOO (practice) 

Friday, April 6
ISAT vocabulary game