Parent Information

Grading Policy

Not Included in Final Grade:
Daily Notes and Practice Problems:  Class is structured with notes and/or do practice problems most any day that we are not taking a quiz or test.    This class set-up allows me to give immediate feedback to students on how they are progressing through the content. It is important that students are asking questions during class if they are confused or do not understand something.  Occasionally homework will be assigned.  Even though it may not be a part of the final grade, all students are expected to complete the assignment.

Final Grade Calculation:
Formative (20% of overall grade)                                                         
  • Quizzes:  Points will be taken off for incorrect answers/work.

  • Summative (80% of overall grade)
  • Tests partial credit for correct process. Can be re-taken for a higher grade.
  • Projects: major projects must be turned in on time to be eligible for an Advanced Score.

  • Make-up Work:
      It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete by the firm deadline.