Mr. Foster - 6th Grade LA Reading

Dear parents,

Last week in Reading class we worked on text features, which are devices used in text to help readers gain more and understand texts better. Among the text features we learned were, title, heading, subheading, table of contents, index, photographs, bar/line/and pie graphs, bullet list, bold font, caption, side bar/insert, and glossary.

This Wednesday students have a magazine cover due. This cover is to demonstrate the student's understanding of the use of text features and to create a cover using at least ten of the more common text features used in magazines, Science and Social Studies textbooks.

An assignment  check-sheet was given to each student. (I will attach one under "resources" on my website, in case your child's sheet was misplaced).

On Tuesday, September 5, students will be given he entire class period to complete this project. It is due at class time on Wednesday. If students come to class tomorrow with it done, they will be allowed free reading the entire period.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at


Mr. Foster
6th Grade Reading