Parent Resources
A Welcome for Parents! 

As you know, a school only works effectively if it is a partnership between teachers and parents. I hope this website serves as a window into what we do every day in class. Sixth grade is such a crucial year for students. 

The sixth grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on the study of ancient cultures, with a concentrated study on the following units: World Geography, Archaeology, Human Origins, Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

All units are interdisciplinary in that they include geography, culture, political concepts, the development of art, architecture, economics, education, religion and science. Participation in class discussions is a vital part of the program.

Students will practice writing open response answers, in addition to a variety of research projects. Writing strategies are taught and applied to class assignments and projects. Study techniques are demonstrated so that students will grow to be more independent learners.
If you'd like to contact me directly, the fastest way is to email me through this website or through PowerSchool. You may also call me at the school. I love to hear from parents, and I strongly encourage you to be as involved in your child's sixth grade experience as you can.