Student Resources
Classroom Expectations 

Students are expected to come to class with all required materials and assigned work. An important part of being a sixth grader is taking responsibility for yourself and having what you need.  

Each day in class, students should have: 
     *Their Socials Studies Composition book (you will need 2 for the entire year)
     *Pencils including a sharpener or extra lead and an eraser 
     *Lined paper for written assignments
     *School agenda
     *Colored Pencils
     *A great attitude for learning! 

When students are absent, they are responsible for making up any missed work upon their return. Students have up to one week to complete any missed work once they are back at school. Upon returning to class, students need to check the absent binder to learn what was done and pick up any materials that may be required. 
I am available every morning before school beginning at 7:05 and after school every day except Wednesday until 3:15 or by other arrangement.