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Chamber Chorale (LSMS's Audition Only Choir)
Men's Choir (6th-8th Grade High and Low Voices)
Treble Choir II (Beginner High Voices)
Treble Choir I (Advanced High Voices)
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Looking to practice identifying Solfege and Rhythms?  Maybe want to review the Theory? Use the links below!
Solfege Identification
Theory Sheet Practice
Theory 1.1 Solfege Practice
Theory 1.3 Ledge Line Practice - Letter Names | Solfege
Theory 1.5 Letter Name Whole Step/Half Step Practice (Note, M2 is Whole Step and m2 is Half Step)
Theory 1.6 Creating Intervals (Change the second note using the buttons to create the interval asked for)
Creating Scales (C, G, and D major)
Theory 1.7 Creating Scales (Adding E and A Major)
Theory 1.8 Creating Scales (Adding B, F#, and C# Major)
Rhythm Dictation
  • Easy Difficulty (Whole Notes, Half Notes)
  • Medium Difficulty (Whole Notes, Half Notes, Quarter Notes)
  • Hard Difficulty (Whole Notes, Dotted Half Notes, Half Notes, Dotted Quarter Notes, Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes)