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A PDF of the Performance Assessment Workbook (your green book) can be found to the right of this page.
RACE short answer paragraph formula
1st sentence - Clearly, ____(restate the question/prompt)_____
2nd sentence - Answer the prompt/question, but keep it very general (do not give reasons or text evidence yet)
3rd sentence - According to the text, ______(evidence)_______
4th sentence - ____(more text evidence)_________
5th sentence - Finally, ____(evidence)________
6th sentence - This means ______(explain)_________
7th sentence - For example, _______(give an example)__________
8th sentence - Without a doubt, ______(restate your "R" sentence)______
Pronoun Notes

There are two ways to find the correct pronoun.

  • Cover up the first person in the group and read the sentence again
  • Is the pronoun a subject or an object in the sentence? Use your chart

Video Help: Shmoop Intro to Pronoun Shmoop Subject vs Object Pronouns Shmoop I vs Me Shmoop She vs Her

Stations (answers are bolded):

  1. Have Billy and (him, he) made their corrections in their essay?
  2. Darla and (she, her) like to watch Hallmark movies.
  3. The handyman and (she, her) repaired the leaky faucet.
  4. Billy Bob sat by (himself, hisself) in the lunchroom, but he didn’t mind.
  5. The president of the company gave the managers and (they, them) a bonus.
  6. Mr. Nickel sent Janson and (he, him) to Kentucky to watch the derby.
  7. Mom and (she, her) like shopping with their children on Saturdays.
  8. Royce and (I, me) would like to take a cooking class.
  9. The UPS driver walked past my friend and (I, me).
  10.  Levi’s dad sent Mary and (I, me) tickets for the BSU game.