School 3.0 (Post January 19th, 2021)

Welcome to School 3.0, where we get to come together as a community and welcome students into the building (for a second time).  Even though we created this page when we first began hybrid last fall, there are still important items to look over in order to prepare for a return to hybrid learning.
Please find below important information that will help you navigate being in a face-2-face environment.  As starting point, please click on this welcome video from our Principal.
School starts up again on January 19th, with "Y" Day students attending (last name beginning with M-Z).
Wednesday continues to be a teacher workday, with selected students attending for intervention/enrichment opportunities.
Thursday, January 21st, "X" Day students (last name beginning with A-L) will return to hybrid learning.
Daily Logistics
Now that school is back with students in the building, here are a few logistic points to help you and your student navigate the unique challenges of reopening:
  1. Students are required to wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth.
  2. A screener is completed each morning when a student comes to school.  This screener is a proactive tool to help identify potential exposure to COVID-19.
  3. Work assigned for days that students are not in-person must be completed.  This prepares them for being in-person and is a vital part of learning.
  4. Devices need to be charged and ready each morning.
  5. Breakfast and Lunch is currently free to all students.  
  6. Progress scores are updated every 1st and 15th of the month.  If you have any questions about how your student is progressing in their learning of standards, please reach out to the respective teacher.  
X & Y Days
Weekly learning plans (click here) will outline how each day will look for students.  On Monday and Thursdays, students in the X group (last name A-L) will be on campus and on Tuesday and Friday, students in the Y group (last name M-Z) will be on campus.  When your student is participating in school from home they will need to check the weekly learning plan for that day.  To find your group, please access PowerSchool and you should see your grouping by your name.
What To Expect When Coming To School:
Before you begin reviewing this information, please click on the below link that best identifies you:
       6th Grader or "New to Lone Star"                                         Returning 7th or 8th Grader
We know you are anxious to come to school, interact with friends and teachers, and learn new and exciting material.  In order for school to remain open, it is important to do the following:
1)  Wear A Mask - this is not a suggestion but a requirement to be at school.
2)  Wash Hands Frequently or Use Hand Sanitizer - you will do this often, whether it's entering the building or a classroom
3)  Physical Distancing - don't gather in groups, keep a distance of 6 feet (two arms length), and avoid touching/hugging other people.
4)  Cover Coughs and Sneezes - remember to cough/sneeze into elbows
5)  Backpacks can be brought to carry personal items and device.  Water bottles are allowed.  Cell phones should be turned off and kept in bags at all times.
6)  Read through the Student Handbook for additional information.
Below are resources for you to look over before coming to school:
The time has come to send your student back to school.  Depending upon your viewpoint, this is either a great time or a scary time....and we acknowledge both ends of the spectrum. To the best extent possible, we have tried to think through all the aspects needed to keep students, teachers, and the Lone Star community safe and healthy.  This also means we need your help.  Please view this short video from our Principal regarding how to partner with Lone Star Middle School.
Some simple reminders to help Lone Star Middle School support all students:
1)  Please make sure your student is wearing a mask that covers mouth and nose as required by the Nampa School Board. 
2)  Keep your child home if they are feeling sick or exhibiting any COVID-19 related symptoms and call the front office at 208.468.475, x. 4820.
3)  Send them with a water bottle to drink from and stay hydrated.  
4)  Remind your student to physically distance (6 feet when possible), cough/sneeze into elbows and wash hands/sanitize regularly.
Below are resources to help you prepare your student for School 2.0:
District information regarding School 2.0 can be found here.
Frequently Asked Questions can be found Frequently Asked Questions.
Reference Material:
Center for Disease Control guidelines for when to quarantine.
Southwest District Health information