Miss Schoenhuth

Digital Expecations
In order to create a safe and meaningful experience, please model all behavior to promote the following 4 R's:
Respect- Listen or mute your mic when teachers are speaking in virtual meetings. Share thoughts respectfully. Stay on topic.
Readiness- Carefully read, watch and view all instructions from your teacher before starting.
Relationships- Seek feedback. Ask fro help. Look for emails and annoucements from your teachers.
Responsibility- Spend about 45 minutes on each class a day. know and follow all expectations for using your device to learn.
How to get help with class work:
  • Science instruction and work time will be hosted in Teams twice a week (see your class schedule) during regular science hours
  • Science virtual office hours will be hosted in Teams everyday 
  • There is a science chat on Teams where students can post and read answers to questions. 
  • Each day, that is a virtual school day, teachers will be available via email to provide assistance.
    • I will respond as quickly as possible, but depending on the volume of emails and messages we get, it may take up to 24-48 hours for teachers to respond. 
  • If you have questions that can’t be resolved via email, or are having internet issues, you may text my Google Voice number at 208-505-8308.  
    • Please include your name in texts, so I know who I am talking to πŸ˜Š
    • I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, but there may be a up to a 24 hour delay in response on schooldays.
Google Voice Number:
Please use text if possible.
Please include your name in the text, so I know who I am talking with :)
Please give me some time (up to 24 hours on school days) to respond.