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Digital Photography

Welcome to 7th grade Digital Photography!  
Class Calendar 
Quarter 1

Week 1: Procedures 
Week 2: Camera Parts and Camera Care 
Week 3: Selfie Project 
Week 4: Rules of Composition and Quiz 
Week 5: Still Life Photos 
Week 6: Still Life Photos and Editing Vocabulary  
Week 7: Editing Quiz and Photoshop  
Week 8: Photoshop  
Week 9: Photoshop 
Week 10: Photoshop 
Week 11: Q1 Reflection, Portfolio for Conferences


Quarter 2
Week 12: Photoshop and Photoshop Quiz
Week 13: Macro Photography

Thanksgiving Break!
Week 14: Photoshop: Text Effects and Logos 
Week 15: Action Photography 
Week 16: Photoshop: Pop Art
Week 17: Perspective Project 
Week 18: Perspective Project

Week 19: Digital Portfolio and Final Reflection


*Schedule is subject to change. Assignment instructions and updated due dates are located in Microsoft Teams. Students can access Teams through their NSD account in Office 365*