Mr. Tyler Williamson

Earth Science Team 8-2 2020 - 2021
Welcome to our website for the 2020-2021 school year. There is a page for content from Amplify and a calendar.  Over on the right is a link to a powerpoint about my rubrics used in class this year. Our first scores reflecting the work done so far will be up by the end of the weekend.

8th Grade Earth Sci. @ Lone Star Middle w/ Team 8-2

Email: [email protected] -- Phone#: 208.477.1313

Office Hours: M-F 2:45m - 3:30pm 

Tue & Thur 8:30am -9:45am & 1:30pm - 2:45pm

Daily Procedures:

  1.  Log on to computer
  2. Open Mircrosoft Outlook (email)
  3. Get to Teams
  4. Get to Amplify
  5. Watch the current video for class.
  6. Follow the instructions from the video called the "Daily Agenda."



  • Each and every day I expect your personal behavior to be respectful of yourself, others and me.  If there happens to be a substitute the expectation is for you to be even more polite than at any time.
  • Each and every day I will come prepared and do my best to engage you trying to inspire you to do your best.
  • When you come in our room be prepared with your device, a good attitude, a willingness to put in effort and the idea that there will be something presented to you which you will be able to use in your future.


Behavior Management:

When the need arises that the behaviors demonstrated in class require my to apply the school's discipline policy then those steps will be followed to the best of my abilities.



The work completed within your OneNote notebook will be compared to the provided rubric for analysis.  Using the "Standards Based" grading method students will be earning 4 through 1 as scores.  The #'s are based upon the standards the assignments are created to provide the opportunity to …


If you improve anything for class or feel that there needs to be an adjustment to your "Grades" it is your responsibility to contact me.



Using Amplify as a guide we will be focusing on the state approved standards which are very similar to the NGSS.


The flow of information starts with Geologic process leading to Astronomy then Meteorology (weather and climate)  and finally to human impact on our system.  We will apply the human impact topic throughout the other topics as we know humans can't keep leave things be.


My favorite topic is Plate Tectonics.  What's your favorite?


Platforms/ Apps/ Toolbox used in class:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Loom


My favorite activities include:

  • Making choices within structure
  • Mind mapping
  • Scientific Argumentation
  • Self-grading/ reflection
  • Increase difficulty throughout the school year as skills develop
  • 3-D Modelling
  • Scale Modelling
  • Collecting data
  • Mapping Earthquakes
  • Read and review/ summarize articles
  • Watch and review/summarize movies
  • Create
  • Take
  • Create/use
  • Take photos and label then describe what's happening in OneNote
  • Current Events
  • S.T.E.A.M.
  • Hands on Activities
    • PVC modeling
    • Guided Lego activities
    • Athletic Balls as models
    • Styrofoam Balls as models
    • Rocks, smashing/dissecting
    • Coriolis Effect with a Lazy Susan Table
    • Lamps as the Sun
    • Going outside for crazy weather and amazing sunrises
    • Talk

Monthly schedule: Start with September

2 months = 1 Amplify Unit

1 Amplify Unit =   4 Chapters, 3 required, 1-3.

12 lessons done completely and competently with + 1 "choice" project = a "4 - Exceeding Proficiency"

12 lessons done completely and competently =  "3 - Proficient"

12 lessons partially completed = "2 - Approaching Proficiency"

Less than 12 lessons partially completed = "1 - beginning"

No proof/evidence of effort towards standards = "NE"


Every Amplify Unit contains:

  • 4 Chapters. The 4th is offered as a "Choice Project" option to attempt a "4."
  • Pre-test
  • Critical Juncture - Midway Test
  • Final test
  • Chapter 1 is for an introduction to the topic.
  • 2nd Chapter starts the idea of the opposing claims to be argued about the topic.
  • The 3rd chapter is designed to have the students write and formulate their "Scientific Argument."
  • Finally the 4th chapter, which is optional, challenges the student to apply their new understanding to a different scenario/setting.



Competently -

In an efficient and capable way.  Also, in an acceptable and satisfactory, though not outstanding, way.


Choice Projects (to earn a 4).

  • Chapter 4
  • Unique creation demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the chapter's standards. Could be digital, physical, oral or virtually any other creative, complete effort which demonstrates "Exceeding Understanding."
Here are some of the common websites that we use to gather data.