Life Science

Welcome to 7th grade science! 
In seventh grade, we learn about all things related to living things. Over the course of the year we'll explore the human microbiome, metabolism and how cells get what they need, traits and reproduction, populations and the impact of resources on them, matter and energy in ecosystems, natural selection, and evolutionary history. I've loved biology for as long as I can remember, and I'm excited to share it with you.
Through our Amplify curriculum, we will be answering essential questions about life science through the lens of real world problems. Each unit has new roles for students, and you'll be acting as researchers, medical students, ecologists, engineering interns, and paleontologists to discover more about the natural world.
Our launch unit, Microbiome, will have us investigating the microscopic organisms that live on and in our bodies and analyze data from a patient to determine whether a fecal transplant (yes, they're real!) can be used to help someone heal from a potentially deadly infection.