Quarter 2

10/29 - 11/2

Monday: Read ch. 11 - 12 / update notes


Tuesday: Journal #7  Introduce Symbol Project (OneNote) Build in Canva


SLC 5-8pm


Wednesday: Work on Symbol Project (due at end of period)


Thursday: SLC All Day


Friday:  No School

11/5 - 11/9

Monday: Quiz/Discussion on chapter 15-17, Read chapters 18 & 19 (Homework if not finished)


Tuesday: Journal #8, Discuss chapters 18 & 19 Read chapters 20 & 21 (Homework if not finished)


Wednesday: Read chapters 22 & 23, Journal #9


Thursday: Make sure that OneNote pages are finished for The Giver


Friday:  Giver test, Begin the movie


11/12 - 11/16

Monday: Giver Movie - Venn Diagram


Tuesday: Giver Movie - Venn Diagram


Wednesday: Text Structures Notes


Thursday: Text Structures Digital Breakout


Friday:  Text Structures Digital Breakout

11/19 - 11/23
No School - Thanksgiving Break
11/26 - 11/30

Monday: Vocabulary and practice - Shorten the definitions (5 words or less), draw a picture, use in a sentence. Vocabulary practice page, Read Scope article


Tuesday: Finish reading Scope article, Review citing evidence (notes if needed)


Wednesday: Skim back over the Scope article, Central ideas & details worksheet


Thursday: Key ideas worksheet


Friday: Quiz on the article, Prep for practice ISAT

12/3 - 12/7

Monday: Interim Block Assessment : Reading Informational


Tuesday: Finish Block Assessment


Wednesday: Notes on Poetry / Read "Casey at the Bat" / Analyze for Rhythm, Rhyme Scheme, Figurative Language


Thursday: Watch Cartoons of "Casey at the Bat" / Read "The Highwayman" / Analyze for Rhythm, Rhyme Scheme, Figurative Language


Friday: Finish "The Highwayman" / watch video / MobyMax if time allows

12/10 - 12/14

Monday: Read Christmas Carol


Tuesday: Finish Reading Christmas Carol


Wednesday: Introduce Poem Assignment / Pick a character and Christmas song, Rhyme and Rhythm must match song, 3 different Figurative Language, 4 stanzas: 2 verse and 2 chorus, extra credit if sung! / Work on Poem


Thursday: Career Information with Saidra Bourque


Friday: Work on Poem

12/17 - 12/21

Monday: Work on Poem


Tuesday: Present Poem


Wednesday: Present Poem / Start movie


Thursday: Watch movie


Friday:  Finish movie / 2 hr early release

12/24 - 1/4
No School - Christmas Break
1/7 - 1/11

Monday: Mountain climbing vocabulary prezi. Link: https://prezi.com/nikibnszrpit/mountain-climbing-vocabulary/  Intro to Everest research


Tuesday: Begin Mount Everest research


Wednesday: Continue Mount Everest research


Thursday: Finish research/ Brainstorm essay & rough draft


Friday:  Finish rough draft/ Start final draft

1/14 - 1/18

Monday: Check out Peak books/Continue to work on your essay


Tuesday: Type Final Draft


Wednesday: If needed, finish essay and upload to OneNote/Share research with groups


Thursday: Videos & Interviews on Everest


Friday:  No School - Teacher work day  /  END OF Q2